Friday, February 29, 2008

Better than the Death Patch.

i was going to tell you how i'm on day 5 of the Death Patch, and about how sore i've been for the several days since i went off the other medication, but then i decided i'd rather show you these than whine.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the GrandBrits. Much more fun, and definitely cuter. :-)


Euan & Elias.


Lea Ann said...

A pleasure indeed - beautiful children! I'll be so glad when Mary Elizabeth is able to stike a lovely pose looking up at the camera or actually smile!! At at about 5 weeks old she's still a bit of a lovely noodle.

Hope your "patch" experiment goes well. I admire your patience with the pain clinic's efforts to be less of a pain! Hang in there - something is bound to work!!!!

Hinsley Ford said...

Sooo cute, and I love their names.

Yes, I am interested in how the patch goes as well. Keep us informed, missy. :)

julia said...

They ARE adorable! Even if i weren't the biased grandma--

i'm sure i'll be updating on the patch, currently i'm just plain wishing something would work (preferably withOUT killing me.)

Unknown said...

Eliette is beautiful. Even if I do say so myself, I think she looks a bit like her Aunti Jo with the dark Well, maybe a little like G'ma Queenie too.

Thank you for sharing those precious darlings with us.

Perhaps the death patch will be the miracle fix for your pain. Gentle Hugs sis, I know all to well that the bear hugs hurt.