Thursday, February 21, 2008

Three Things Thursday.

i'm so excited! i actually have a totally alliterative title!

Thing #1 (wow, saying that just took me back to Dr Suess--which story is "Thing #1 and Thing #2" in? You know, with all the balancing fish bowls and dishes and such?) is, Yup, it happened. i subscribe to my own blog on Blogarithm, and sure enough, i got aaaaaaalll those posts i fixed the tags on from them. So now i know i was right to apologize. Abjectly.

Thing #2 is, THE GOOD NURSE CALLED ME BACK from the pain clinic (or, "the pain in the a** clinic, as my friend Julie dubbed it.) I'm referring back to my recent post of "Would somebody please send that nurse to charm school?" about my less than lovely dealings with The Bad Nurse. You should have heard me on the phone with her--i was actually with Adina at the time, so she did and can back me up, i was pathetic--gushing, "OH!! Anya! i'm soooo glad to hear your voice!!"

She had called to ask whether or not i'd received an answer to my last message. i had not. Hadn't felt like risking the chance that Nurse No Charm might answer when i called to say, "helloooo--you never called me back?" So i was thrilled, i was ecstatic, i was hugging myself with joy. "No, i never really got an answer back." So i told her where we were last, with me asking The Other nurse to check with Dr God about non-opiate pain meds. Anya read through my messages and said, "Oh, it says here that the doctor says 'there are no non-opiate meds for fibromyalgia, in spite of what the drug companies are advertising.'" i said, "Oh, i guess i should check again on the house phone and see if i missed a message--" to which she replied, "No, you clearly never got that message." "Oh. Well, it wasn't the most, uh, friendly experience with those calls," i said. She said a startled sounding "OH!" and giggled.

i asked her, "So, the doctor wanted me to try Fentanyl patches? Did you see the recent recall of those?" Apparently a bunch of them were sold with a cut on the edge, meaning the medication dumped out all at once on the patient, overdosing and, yes, killing them. She had. Apparently this isn't an issue for the nurses and Dr God. Hmm.

Regarding stuff like Lyrica, the medication currently being advertised for the relief of fibromyalgia pain, the down-low on that at the I'm in Chronic Pain clinic is that only the drug company themself has tested it, and the doctor won't prescribe anything until it has been tested properly by people not standing to make a fortune. Okay, i get that. (Yet he will prescribe something that has recently killed people. Not sure about that particular line he's drawn.) i mean, i understand that's what has happened with many miraculous drugs, they're great for weight loss, but, oh by the way, your heart may stop. Your liver may become a briquet. Suddenly they're being removed from the market. So, sure, i'm good with the "careful" policy.

Thing #3: Uh, i didn't really have one, but i was so happy-jazzed about the title, so, um, Hey! Did you hear the Nice Nurse called me back? Cool, huh?


Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It is nice to meet you too, Julia/Julie.

So sorry to hear you deal with fibromyalgia but from your writing you seem to have a great sense of humor.

julia said...

Well, ya gotta have humor to survive, right? When i realize i'm losing my sense of humor, i know i'm in trouble!

Hope you keep coming to visit! ;-)

Unknown said...

My Dear Sis, Queeni (That is with an 'i' right?) When I took the wonder drug Lyrica for my fibro it was a horrible experience. Not only did I gain pounds that won't go away, but those little buggers put me into a down hill spiral with depression that I hope to never see again. Of course nothing was mentioned about the depression on the drug info sheet because evidently all they put on those papers are the common side effects. In my crazed state of mind I had enough gumpsion (a mother word) to check our 'ALL' side effects on line. Sure enough there it was....'Uncommon Side Effects (1 in 1000)' A complete diescription of what I was experiencing. So now that we know I am "SPECIAL", I just want to warn you...... If you take the Lyrica, be mindful of the depression effect just in case you are as special as I am..... lol
I do know others that take it and swear by it's pain relief though.

Big hugs atcha....

Three Things Thursday..... !!!!
You are to be bowed to, you are so clever! :-) Must be the tiara making those brain waves dance around.

Unknown said...

I'm Baaaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkkk!

Check out my blog. I have finished the "Six Word Memoir" meme challenge.


julia said...

Actually, no, i'm not so clever--i totally ripped it off from Betina at ... ;-) So, i'm a very clever borrower!

i remember your post when you talked about the Lyrica experience. I CANNOT GAIN ANOTHER POUND! i've now lost close to ten pounds from the flu experience, but most of those i'd already played "Lost and Found" with previously. i'm going to give the Fentanyl patch a shot, i guess. i'll go with Dr God...

limbolady said...

You bum, ten lbs.!!! I'm impressed. I know, I know, a hard way to go about losing it and all that.

And I sympathize w/ all the meds. you're having to try. It's frustrating and a total drag to feel like your brain is being played with, I know. But I know you will persevere!!!

And the purses, oh, the purses are ADORABLE!!! The creativity is still seeping out around the edges, girl!

julia said...

hey, Melimbo! Thanks for the nice comments about my purses, i've taken some photos of them and i'll try to get them posted soon.

The medication thing is crazy and has been fairly annoying, but i guess i just have to keep hoping i'll get it figured.