Monday, February 25, 2008

My inner Pollyanna.

Above: my dresser. Left to right, stack of books, read. Stack of books UNread, with sock on top that i for some reason have not put in the drawer directly below. "Miracle Ball Method" ball, which allegedly will cure all my ills, used twice. Empty bag from Christmas that once held chocolates. One of the many baskets in my life, this one containing half-read books, notebook, and various other stuff. Girls Night Out Fund pot containing 50 cents, and a small bottle of Purell that has come here to roost. In front, package of notecards, Christmas jingle bell, watch, and barrette. i did indeed hesitate at being this vulnerable. i love to organize, but can't seem to keep it that way.

i know disorganization isn't usually thought of as a good thing. i learned from my good friend Melimbo that clutter etc is a contributor to depression (she got that bit of info from one of her college classes. She's gone back to finish her degree. She are s-m-r-t.)

Anyway, Saturday i dumped an entire HUGE cup of coffee into my knitting that was sitting on top of the magazine basket next to my comfy chair. Did i mention it was a HUUUUGE cup of coffee? Fresh? full? With cream?

Well, after muttering several words not usually part of my vocabulary, i got on my hands and knees with a towel and started pulling the basket's contents onto the floor, mopping as i went.

"HEY!" i exclaimed to my hubby. "i just found the wireless mouse i've been looking for!" It had been missing in action for months, and i mean months.

i kept mopping and stacking--"OH!! And here's a crochet hook i've been looking for!!" Also MIA for a very long time--Christmas before last, maybe?

"What's this, though?" i asked hubby, handing him a smallish long metal piece with grooves in it. "Oh, that's part of an Easy Out tool," he said. i believe i responded something like, "Heh?"

It's not such a mystery how my things got into a basket next to my chair, i mean, there are at least two things i will never be called: too thin, and too neat. But a piece of Dean's tool? It's a mystery.

But the great thing is, in my disorganization and clumsiness, had i not spilled the coffee into the basket i would not have found those long sought for treasures.

Is that a bit too optimistic of an outlook? i'm sure the cynical bit will resurface soon.


limbolady said...

Oh, how I love you, sister-separated-from-me-at-birth!!! I see absolutely nothing wrong with that dresser, by the way...well, comparatively speaking, that is...we, uh, you know what I mean!

And the coffee? just another of God's little tappings on your shoulder, I say. "Look over here! Look over here!" He's always saying to me (why shouldn't He talk to you the same way?)

julia said...

i knew you'd look at the dresser picture and go, "So?" ;-)

And ya call that a "little tap" on the shoulder? Seemed a bit louder than that to me!LOL

equichick8 said...

Although you find parts of your house "cluttered", I would call it "lived-in comfort" At your house I know that there is a level of cleanliness that you always maintain. (You may be laughing at this, but it's really true). Here, in this cluttered and full (of our boxes and stuff)house that I live in temporarily, I never really know how clean things are...

I like how I can always feel at home at your house, no matter how many wireless mouses are hiding in the knitting basket.

Two things I'm sad about though, is the yarn ruined? And: Oooh, all that good coffee gone to waste!

julia said...

Fortunately, no projects were lost during the minor catastrophe. And i'm glad you at least *believe* there is a general level of cleanliness!!

Unknown said...

Hey... Better a wireless mouse hiding in your basket than a real one...right?

Well some times when you are tapped on the shoulder and don't pay attention, you can count on a shout bringing up the rear in the near future.

julia said...


Lea Ann said...

I love the way your dresser looks - If I get up the nerve I'll send a picture of mine. I actually enlarged the picture and have some comments on your "stuff". First of all, you have my sock - I have the exact same sock and can't find the mate so I wear it with a very similar sock - I mean how close to my feet do people get. Also, the book on the top of the pile looks familiar - title please? Finally, if the lamp is a tall buffet style one then we have the same lamp!!! I would love if it were so.

As for the things you found - that's the only way I find anything these days. I find it lowers my frustration level when I can't find something. I just relax and say to myself - it's ok, I'll find it later when I'm looking for something else!!!

I love you very much - especially for being so open about your life.

This is so exciting!!! I have once again discovered my username and password to leave a comment.

julia said...

Lea Ann, you are too cute! And the book on top of WHICH pile? ;-) Hmmm.... i actually put some stuff away after i took the photo, out of guilt. i think it's "The Secret Things of God" you're probably talking about? It's by Dr Henry Cloud, one of the New Life Ministries guys. And too funny about the socks! You can bet the next time i see you i'll be looking at your feet... The lamp was my father-in-law's. A buffet lamp, eh? Live and learn.

i too am glad you found your password and such!!