Sunday, February 10, 2008


How does a person who aches pretty much 24/7 know when they have the achy flu? Why, when they ache even more than usual, of course!

My hubby has been sick for the past 2 weeks--he spent the first one feeling like he was going to be sick, and the second one carrying out his flu destiny. Somewhere in there he apparently shared with me, as i woke up yesterday morning with a definite case of the "oh my gosh i really hurt" flu. My oldest daughter and her husband had it several weeks back, and commented on how they had to keep the ibuprofen flowing, since if it lapsed at all, they suffered greatly. Their eyeballs hurt. Their eye sockets hurt. Their fingers and nails and everything else hurt. i thought, well, i probably wouldn't even notice, since my body aches daily anyway. But guess what?? I NOTICED.

Fever and chills in the night. Hard time breathing. Fun stuff. But my sweet hubby decided to treat me with the healing properties of Ghirardelli chocolate with caramel. i may still hurt, but yum!

i'm hoping my version of the flu subsides more quickly than hubby's did. i was hoping to go shopping on Friday for daughter Corinne's 28th birthday. i mean, i have my priorities!!


Unknown said...

Is hubby a doctor??

After all he gave you the age old remedy for what ever ails you....
{{CHOCOLATE}}. For a faster recovery just eat more.

Isn't it amazing how you learn you can actually hurt more than usual. When that happens to me I find myself shaking my head and asking myself 'what was all of the whining about before I REALLY had pain?' Hope you are feeling better soon.

julia said...

Well, hubby is a mechanic, and isn't that sort of the same?

i have been so amazingly sick these past few days--trouble breathing, nauseated, nastiness upon nastiness. And ya know what's worse than the fibromyalgia pain? The side effects from the opiates they've given me to TREAT the pain...i am gettin' off!!!!

Anonymous said...

Julia, am sorry you are under the weather. Flu on top of FM has to be a real bummer. I don't think the vaccine was helping much this year, from what I've read.

I join you in being a fellow Fm-er . My biggest complaint is that it is so hard to be believed. Actually,
got it after I had a bad flu when I was 28. What was neat was I had two children and when I then was pregnant with #3, all symptoms went away--completely! Right after she was born they return full force. Do you have tons of allergies now ? Food sensitivities?

I wish a speedy get well so you may return to your familiar aches. Just joking--it's not fun. Oh, and keep on the chocolate!

julia said...

Well, Connie, it seems the answer for you is obvious--pregnancy as a full-time job! Oh boy, wouldn't that be fun--

Sorry to hear you have FM, and from so young! i've seen other people with FM say theirs cleared up a lot once they got their food allergies dealt with. i had a brief dance with the Cave Woman Diet about a year ago, had just pure vegies/fruits/meats, but i could never really nail down what was good and what was bad. And just having Kaiser for healthcare and having no job because of the FM limits me for getting food allergy tested. It's quite the catch 22!

i'm SO with you on that "not being believed"--it's tough when we're still so darned attractive and have no outward signs of an illness. LOL Every once in a while my children (all grown) will ask how it's going, i think once they've been sick with the flu they go, "Oh yeah--Mom feels like this all the time!"

And on the chocolate part? It's a serious addiction! But i do think it makes the fm pain worse, or at least some kinds of chocolate do. How sad is that??

Hope you come back by to visit!!