Sunday, February 24, 2008

See what bags the old bag is making.

i don't know if you saw my friend Limbolady's comment about my bags she saw when she was at my house the other day. But i commented back that i'd put pictures up. So, as promised, whether you care or not, here are the bags i've been making! Please tell me what you would pay for something of the sort. i didn't measure them when i took the pictures, and now i'm sitting all cozily in my warm bed with coffee, so i'll guesstimate for you.
Above are all of them, made with square bottoms, as yet unlined, but i plan to line all but one of them.

Above, starting from the top one: this one is about 8 inches wide by 10 or 11 inches high. It's made with a variegated blues and greens yarn topped with a light green double folded 2 inch strip (to be stronger and more durable.) i've made eyelets to run a knit-cord of the variegated yarn through for a long strap. This way it can be thrown over your shoulder to be hands-free. The squared bottom means it holds more than you'd think.

Second are the two felted wool bags. The top one was made with a super chunky textured yarn in shades of pink and blue-grey. The top and entire back are made from a light denim wool, the heavy knit-cord is made of the variegated deep pinks. There's a button and loop closure on this one. It felted down more than i thought it would, so it's a smaller 10 wide by 6 or 7 inches high. So, it's cute but one of those "live and learn" projects! i tend to not use patterns as i love planning the pattern as much as making the project, so they're all some sort of learning adventure!

The bottom felted wool bag is the first one i made, and it has a variety of blue wool yarns making a subtle striping. It has a squared bottom, but i blocked it flat for the rounded bottom shape. It's about 12 inches wide by 9 or 10 inches tall. The straps on both of those bags would measure somewhere around 15 inches, i suppose.

Last but not least--i love this one--is my market bag. Made of cotton yarn for strength, durability, and not stretching as much as regular yarn, it's a larger bag made to throw over your shoulder at the farmer's market, grocery store, or simply to carry your multiple items on a shopping trip at the mall. The top is doubled for strength, and the straps are made in two pieces of more densely knit fabric tied together. The size on this one is more like 18 across by 15 tall, and hangs nicely from the shoulder. i've already washed this one once and it did great. i still want to take it on a test run. i have some organic cotton coming to try out on this pattern too. The bottom is squared off to about 4 or 5 inches deep. This is the only one that will remain unlined.

So, what do y'all think? (A southern "y'all" nod there to cousin Lea Ann.)

Oh--Skimmers. Sorry, i should have said you could just look at the pictures and ignore the rest. Anyway, hi hubby honey, and hi, Melimbo, if you skimmed this far.


Anonymous said...

I love the bags! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

julia said...

i enjoyed your blog a lot! What do you think is a decent price for the purses? Any thoughts?

Hinsley Ford said...

So darn cute! Ooh I love the blue one! You jusr rock. :)

Hinsley Ford said...

That's "just" not jusr.

Anonymous said...

Hi: Your bags are really cute - there is a website for handmade things, called etsy, which should help you put a price on your art - if you put in crochet bags, you'll see some similar to yours - the range seems to be from $15 - $55.

julia said...

Hinsley, that's funny, i read it as "just" and didn't even notice it wasn't till you corrected it! funny.

And, Anon, whoever you are ;-) i was thinking i might do better on Etsy than on Ebay, looks like everybody wants the bags for free on there! Thanks for the price ideas, too!