Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Abject Apologies for Tag-full Tuesday.

i've long been jealous of blog title alliteration--you know, like Betina's "Three Things Thursday", Magistramater's "Fine Art Friday", stuff like that. So, in my desire to jump on the alliterative bandwagon, i'm grabbing today's title to offer my apologies to anyone who might keep track of this blog via something like Blogarithm, i'm really sorry if you get a million of my posts, since i want to go through the more recent ones and do some tag cleanup. So, if when i edit the post tags, you get every one of them, i apologize. Abjectly.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Well my Dear Sis, Queeni.... Don't you know by now that you can do as you please and throw caution and apologies to the wind as long as you wear your tiara while doing it.

Hehehehe.... The rest of us will just smile and say "how sweet". BTW nice title.