Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We're here! We're here! We're here!

In Calistoga, that is--at the top of the Napa Valley here in California. The colors of autumn are outside my window (above): trees covered in shades of yellow, green, orange and red. It rained earlier, so the trees and bushes sparkle in the morning light. Fog is hanging in the top of the dark green hill in the distance. Even the gray of the parking lot, dotted as it is with red leaves that have fallen, adds to the color scheme. These are colors that make my soul say "AHH!" Happy sigh of the soul, i guess.

Yesterday was a feast for the senses--the newness of experiences does that to me. i'm choosing to name it that rather than call it "being overwhelmed." It's that choice, i guess, of viewing it in a positive, non-stressed way, rather than the negative. i think it's easier for me to be positive now that i'm not as worried about my imperfections both real and perceived. Somehow, growing up in my *interesting* household, i learned that I Should Know Everything And Never Make A Mistake. Now, that's a whole lot of pressure for a kid! And whether or not anyone got up in the morning and said, "Hmm, I think we should teach our children that they must never make a mistake," that was clearly what i picked up. When this goes with you in life it makes everything about life more nerve wracking. "Should i have the windshield wipers on? Nobody else does, but it's sprinkling, but i'll look stupid!" (No joke, i can clearly remember the intersection where i had that thought.)

Anyway, back to yesterday's feast--this valley has its own magic. The buildings, the vineyards, the atmosphere of contented visitors (well, except for the one couple with their pre-teen daughter--the adults were making much more of a disturbance than they seemed to think their daughter was, since they felt the need to tell her off--LOUDLY--in the crowded winery gift store. That kid's gonna need therapy.)

Let me show you the sights that spoke--loudly--to my senses:


V. Sattui winery

Peju winery

Copper roof at Peju winery

Gardens, flowers, and foliage:

Peju grounds

V. Sattui gardens

Across the vineyards
from Peju parking lot

V. Sattui

Grapes, up close and personal,
Beringer winery


Cool old truck at V. Sattui

Sign on V. Sattui truck

A real Sattui! George Sattui.

Dean and i!

Now, back out to have more fun--


Lea Ann said...

oh yay! it was worth coming home from the beach to see this beautiful post! what a lovely trip... i want to be there...we won't have much fall in alabama this far south. and we'll never have grapes like that. there is so much to catch up on in your blog. fun!!!!

julia said...

i'm glad i was able to ease the pain of going home from the beach. ;-)