Monday, October 15, 2007

2 things i've always loved.

Sunlight through leaves

the colors and grace of fallen leaves.

i'm sure anyone who saw me recently in the Costco parking lot taking pictures of the leaves that had fallen on my car wondered what the heck i was doing--but for me, fallen leaves are like music.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

And I hope you have a lovely trip to England. It sounds so exciting!

julia said...

It will be so great--i haven't seen my grandboys in person for months and months and months! And it's so beautiful in southwestern England where they live--

Lea Ann said...

These photos are beautiful! Jim shares your passion for sunlight through leaves...and especially through trees. If the trees have silvery bark...well that is a major bonus. Am still waiting on some fall color here.

I hope you trip is wonderful! Going to England sounds so blissful!

julia said...

i KNEW i liked that Jim guy! And isn't it kinda cool to know someone well enough to know that's a really special thing for them?