Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Clever monkey.

The day before, we had been playing with Play Doh. Elias and i were rolling snakes of dough and i was coiling them into a pot. The next day the boys were playing with Play Doh at the kitchen table while Shawn and i were in the front room. This is what Elias did! A big, fat coiled pot. i was duly impressed.

Today i went with Shawn to drop Elias at school--oh my goodness, that tiny 4 year old wearing his little man trousers and school sweater, too cute!
And that's a "wellie" planter behind him.


Unknown said...

As exasperating as they can be, nothing can touch these moments. How sweet!

limbolady said...

So they start school there at 4? Is it considered kindergarten or preschool? And they have to wear uniforms? That is too cute! And you have to tell me what a "wellie pot" is for???

Tomorrow I get to go help Jordan into his Darth Vader costume for his school Halloween parade-another Grandma First for me-what fun, eh?

julia said...

Jo--i know i'm just like every other grandma, but isn't he smart? :-)

At age 3 they start preschool, and it's all part of their education system, and at 4 they start their regular education. i think they're done earlier too.

"Wellies" are Wellington boots, or those big rubber boots, and the boots you see behind Elias are a planter!

Oh what fun with Jordan!

Anonymous said...

Hi jle- what a wonderful time you seem to be having and the photos are great! I love the scenics always and the children are adorable. Shawn looks like it would be very hard to get any moving of herself done at all. Please give them all my love and I think about them and all your loved ones. Love ya, pti