Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cheeky Monkey ;-)

Here in England, they use the phrase "cheeky monkey" for children, and today i had a great example of why--

i've been saying to Elias, age 4, "how many times should grandma have to ask you?" --to obey, to stop, etc.--the assumed answer being "Just one," reinforced by my one raised finger.

Today he was sticking stickers on my, um "lady bumps." i asked him to stop a few times, then said, "Elias, how many times should grandma have to ask you?" He did a sly little grin up into my face and answered innocently, "two?"

Cheeky monkey! i've gotta admire his style, though. ;-)


Unknown said...

Sounds a lot like our little 4 year old "Cheeky Monkey". Do you have the same difficulty I do trying to keep a straight face with these sort of replies?

I really am enjoying your visit.

julia said...

i failed miserably keeping a straight face with this one!!