Wednesday, March 05, 2008

One of those days...

i had a dentist appointment this morning. You know, just a couple of x-rays, some tooth scrubbing, a reminder to floss, take my free toothbrush and head out.

But no. "Do you have an hour or so free right now?" Seems i have need of a crown on the left side and a filling on the right. Swell. And they can start the crown today.

"Well, i do have the time free, but this wasn't was i was planning to DO with it..."

Two very tiring hours later, i was done. i was simply too done in to do the shopping and errands i had thought to do after my appointment. i was chatting with one of the technicians about how fibromyalgia affects even the most mundane dentist appointment, reminding me for days that i've had something done.

As i was leaving, a man in the waiting room said, "Excuse me--did you say you have fibromyalgia?"

"Yes," i said, pausing at the door.

"My wife has it, you know, with the tender points on both sides of her body, all the way up and down," he said gesturing at spots on his body that i'm pretty familiar with. "She's a stresser and a worrier, what with work and the kids."

"Ah," i said. "So, how long has she had it?" i ask.

"Well, it's been about 3 or 4 years now, but she treated it with therapy and massage, stuff like that, and now she hasn't had it for a while," he said proudly.
"Well, good for her, that's great!" i said.

By this point i have a sore mouth and i'm depressed. i had 5 years of therapy, and numerous massages, yet i still have fibromyalgia. What's wrong with me? Why do i still hurt?

i loaded my sore mouth, my depression, my new lavender toothbrush and my constant companion fibromyalgia into the car and went home.


limbolady said...

Oh, dear Julia, I'm with you on the dentist bit. I just went for my 2nd visit for my crown yesterday. I must say the 2nd visit is a whole lot shorter and less painful. Just the sound of that damn drill drives me up the wall!!! I now have 2 crowns of 3 done. I just keep putting it off. I still have to get my teeth cleaned, though...

Don't give up!!! LOVE YOU...

julia said...

Everyone in the dentist office kept assuring me the 2nd visit would be better--i think they were afraid i might not come back! And i'm with ya on the sound of the drill....

Unknown said...

Hey Sis Queeni,
Just checking in on you.
You poor thing. They should have paid you, after derailing you from your appointed rounds like they did only to torture you.

I have to agree, that the woman that isn't bothered by fibro any longer because she did therapy is a very lucky person. Before I was even diagnosed, when they were treating me for what they "thought" I had.... They were shooting me with cortisone shots and sending me to therapy and the pain intensified for me if it did anything. So you are not alone in having a sidekick that rides shotgun for you every where you go, named Fibro. I think he just likes us so much they refuse to leave. Are you still doing the patch? Hang in there Sis!

julia said...

"So you are not alone in having a sidekick that rides shotgun for you every where you go, named Fibro. I think he just likes us so much they refuse to leave."
Love that! But i don't want to be one of Fibro's favorites anymore...And yep, still doing the patch! Just increased it today--monday the 10th.
Thanks for checking on me!