Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mother moments remembered.

Things i recall from childhood:

My mother, letting me lay in the bed on the bottom sheet while she "made" the bed, me giggling and happy.

When she let me use shaving cream on the bathtub to draw and finger paint with.

Washing the dirt out of my eyes after i stupidly looked up when my big brother threw a dirt clod in the air.

Her pushing a chest of drawers to block the top of the stairs with us upstairs, after she and my father argued when he was drunk.

The sight of her chain-smoking at the kitchen table, a distant look in her eyes.


limbolady said...

I felt I needed to add something here. I actually remembered something fun/upbeat re: my relationship w/ Butch a couple of weeks ago, after four years. That sounds weird, I'm sure, but I honestly hadn't been able to until then, so it felt good. I know what you mean.

julia said...

Yup--i guess my point was that the people in our lives all have some good and some bad, and the mix of that isn't really all that strange. i tried for so many years to understand how the very bad could coexist with the good. A very wise Jeff Klippenes told me that i would make myself crazy trying to make them make sense together--i needed to accept that both were there.