Friday, March 28, 2008

The good news...

Dynamo is apparently doing better. i say "apparently" because my husband ended up taking him into the vet's where he has to stay, possibly till Monday. For the treatment of doggy pancreatitis (i have little info about people pancreatitis) the best thing seems to be loads of fluids and probably antibiotics by i.v. That, of course, they can provide best in the Veterinary Hotel and Suites.

When my hubby called the vet's this afternoon to see how Dyno was doing (poor hubby is experiencing severe withdrawal without his doggy) he was told that Dyno was doing so well that he might be able to come home tomorrow, on Saturday, a whole two days earlier than the worst case scenario! (Or "best case scenario" if you are the one receiving rather than paying the payment for above mentioned Veterinary Suites services.)

Other good Dynamo news is that he has lost a whole pound since he started treatment a month ago for the pancreatitis and the underactive thyroid. i'm thinking of sharing his low-fat kibble.

Tomorrow i'll give a wrap up of Week One in the Pain Management Class. Weirdly i've already learned a lot.


Anonymous said...

Glad to here your dog is doing better and will be home soon!

julia said...

Thank you Carrie! it's hard when my hubby is mopey... ;-)

i'll be very glad to have him back home, too--

Hinsley Ford said...

I'm so glad to hear about the dog. Animals are everything to me...please keep us updated, and I will be interested to see what you learn from class.

gentle hug,

Unknown said...

How weird.... That Dynamo would have Pancreatitis. That is what Darlene(JD's Oldest daughter)was in the hospital for. From the sounds of things perhaps the next time Darlene has a flare up with her pancreas we need to send her to "D" dog's Dr. From what I have been told by other peolple, Pancreatitis is "The Most Painful" illness out there. They had Darlene on mrphine and it wasn't even touching the pain. THey had to put her on something that her husband couldn't pronounce that is stronger than morphine.
Be sure and let us know whne "D" Dog comes home so I can do my happy dance.

julia said...

aHAH! NOW i know who Darlene is! (One mystery solved.) Yes, i thought that was weird too when i read your post--i don't know that it's as painful in dogs as people, they didn't have us give him a shot of morphine or Jack Daniel's...he was certainly lethargic, wouldn't even walk up the stairs. supposedly he's coming home today. Let's hope!