Sunday, March 09, 2008

Apparently not that funny.

i tried to find a cartoon relating to today's subject, but apparently trying to help a teen understand finances and budgets is no laughing matter.

My son, as adorable as he is, as sweet as he can be, is not terribly receptive to the idea that he should not spend all of his paycheck on video games, movies, and fast food restaurants. Not unlike some of the recent discussions about chores, a great deal of heavy sighing accompanies these talks between he and i--and he's not so happy about it either.

We've done run-downs on the costs of keeping a house, and what his share of that would actually be if divided equally between those of us living here.

We've run the numbers on his income and disproportionate (and mostly unnecessary) spending.

We've discussed that a twenty hour a week job does not a fortune make, and yet a fortune does his entertainment take.

We've reviewed the costs, both monetarily and physically, of the work involved in providing things like the groceries and cleaning of and upkeep for a house and home.

All these discussions are part of our desire to help him become a wiser money manager and useful, contributing member of society. Besides, if he never learns to budget his money, how will i ever get that spare room for all my hobbies?


limbolady said...

Oh, my...welcome to my world. Although, I admit, you have it harder because he's still living with you. My kids still overspend, end up short at the end of the month, starve, and somehow make it to the next month. It's such a hard lesson to teach. Prepare yourself for a lot of repeating and standing firm amidst frustrated looks, blank looks, and "you don't REALLY mean it, do you?"s. My prayers are with you!!!

julia said...

So DANG--he won't be over this any time soon? *sigh*

Connie said...

Julia, If anyone will understand, you will.
First I am contacting you in the wrong place, and secondly, you gave me your email address-I put it in a very safe place. Very safe, too much so, and now I can't find it.
Please forgive me and I would like to try again. You could send it to my addy on my blog. Sorry to be a pain (good word, huh)! Connie :(

julia said...

NO PROBLEM, Connie! i need to figure out where to put my email address on my blog--

Sam said...

Money is such a bitch. I am trying to talk my aunt into getting a cell phone for my sister because she needs one and there's no way I can afford it for her. I think she has to get a job.

julia said...

Yup, Sam, money's a bitch alright. And i'm sure my son would totally agree with that assessment. Actually, i TOTALLY agree myself! Thanks for coming by, hope you come back!

i visited your blog, and DANG, that's some pretty hard stuff, stuff that i cannot even imagine.