Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tuesday at Pain Class

Today was an okay day at Pain class. We had new people, making the three of us who started last week seasoned pros! WE were the ones to walk in casually, fully aware of and comfortable with our environment. WE were the ones to put our lunches away with bored expressions, WE were the ones to do all the exercises correctly the first time (well, maybe not that one...)

Before we met them, i entered the waiting room to see two of the ladies who called me "analytical" yesterday in what sounded like a negative way, we smiled at each other and all was okay with them. (The psychologist i'm still not so sure about. But at 12 she still has plenty of time to grow up.) No exceedingly private parts were mentioned on this day, allowing me to slide by without embarrassing myself. (One guy actually did relax his sphincter enough to fart somewhere to the right of my head during today's afternoon relaxation session....)

After yesterday, this day was an improvement, so i probably won't need that early morning friend-therapy session i needed this morning. (Thanks, guys!)

Hoping for a fart-free Wednesday.


Unknown said...

Now if everyone relaxed enough to fart... You all would be run out of the room to get away from the smell. I actually got a visual on that one and had a good laugh.

julia said...

yeh, i think you're probably right about that! AND, by the way, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

limbolady said...

This reminded me of when I took Psychology in college at the age of 19. We all laid on the floor while the teacher turned off the lights, closed the curtains and said a bunch of relaxing stuff. Next thing I know, the guy next to me is sawing logs so loud, I can hardly keep from giggling. Afterwards, everyone thought it was ME!!!

julia said...

HEY Melimbo--same thing happened my first day with one of the other newbies--he got snoring pretty darn well! And, are you sure it wasn't you snoring back then? i mean, you do know how to get your snore on.. ;-)