Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Want.

I want
to rant and rave and scream.
I want
to throw his Goddamn useless expensive low-fat kibble into everyone's faces.
I want
to take every green bottle with Dynamo's pills
throw them to the ground and smash them and grind them beneath my feet.
I want
to erase the last two months of his sliding health
from my brain
including his lifeless little body stuffed with cancer
I want
my baby-dog back.


Unknown said...

Maybe someday I will get an answer to why bad things happen to good people (this includes pets of all shapes and sizes that have never so much as growled at anyone. Right now it seems to be one of those great mysteries in life.

I am holding all of you in my heart and my prayers sweety.

Silliyak said...

The animal shelter might appreciate the donations, and you might lose your heart again in the process.
Let it all out, you're in a safe place.

julia said...

i'm AFRAID to get near a pet shelter! The last time i did that my daughter ended up with a long-haired doxie!

julia said...

and thanks, sissy Jo--

limbolady said...

You know, my dad, the "Very Straight Arrow Christian," believes that our dogs will be with us in heaven, especially after he read Randy Alcorn's book on heaven. For you, I hope this will be true.

I can't get the picture of Dyno lifting his nose straight in the air in that "hug-me-scratch-me-praise-me" gesture, out of my head. He will be greatly missed.

Connie said...

Julia, I am so sorry to read your news. Sometimes life just does not seem fair. It is always harder on those left behind.
I have a nice dog poem that I will send to you. I used it when I lost my dog and it's in a scrapbook. I still read it every now and then and I think you will like it.
I will do a search for it.
In the meantime, know others are thinking of you.

LisaMM said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I still think about my Rusty almost every day, and he's been gone since 2001.

Tersie said...

I'm so sorry. :(

julia said...

Amazing how much impact our pets have on us, isn't it? thanks, all.