Friday, April 18, 2008

Things to get out of my system before today's Week 4 Day 4.

"Oh, times where someone has pissed me off by 'correcting' me?" i say, with a little giggle to myself. "Oh i could tell you stories--" Thoughtful, pleased look at the memories. "But," i say with a new innocent look on my face, "the medication has really helped with that," i say, nodding.

i sigh at that fact.

"Okay, onto the next lunchtime topic then!!"

This is an editorial comment after being told by a couple of people that they didn't "get" this. i was simply in a Jack Nicholson sort of mood....telling the story of what has happened in the past when i'd been "corrected," as has been happening in the pain class. i was just playing out a scenario in my crazed head, as it were.

Does that help, DoTheLimboLady?


Silliyak said...

Question, were you in Bodega Bay Friday Night? I saw someone that looked like they could be you in a restaurant.The husband could also possibly fit the picture we've seen.

julia said...

No, we weren't there, but it sounds like a lovely place we SHOULD have been! i would totally hope you would wander up to me and embarrass yourself fully by asking--it would be a tragedy to miss out on meeting you!

Anonymous said...

I can just SEE your "new innocent ...nodding look" - you make me laugh!!

Unknown said...

Hmmmmm... We must be sharing the same crazed mind because I understood what you were saying. In fact I may have said that before myself.