Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Why i failed Drugs in the '70's.

Apparently i was never meant to be a druggie back in the day, or here in THIS day.

My new drug was oxycodone, otherwise known as "Hillbilly Heroin." Now, if that doesn't bring a smile to a person's face i don't know what will. i didn't realize the side effects that were slowly creeping into my body and head until today. i got up for class after sleeping maaany hours, and had a lot of trouble coordinating my movements and thoughts. These are the days i worry i will show up somewhere with my bra worn on the outside of my clothing.

As i drove i realized i should NOT drive the freeway at all today, my judgement being a bit impaired. All around and inside my head things were floating, and i wasn't actually sure what was a real life thought or a piece of a dream. And i hurt more than i have in months! Dang.

Determined to talk to the nurse or doctor early today, i grabbed Anya before we even got to the room. She said, "Well you will definitely talk to the doctor today--" i was hoping for sooner than "today." Like, NOW. We sat down for meditation. With crazy feelings in my body and brain i could not do it, so i quietly left the circle to get my pills and took something to calm me down. As we crossed paths putting away our chairs, i told Anya i needed to go. We stood in the hall and i said, "i feel like i'm climbing out of my skin.i really need to leave and go home and sleep." She said, "Let me talk to the doctor, I'll be right back." She reappeared, smiling. "The doctor says that definitely sounds like you're having side effects. He wants you to stop the oxycodone immediately and go back to the patches. Go home and we'll see you Friday." "i don't have enough fentanyl patches for the new dose" Again to the doctor. "Just go sit in the waiting room, and I'll come talk to you." i wandered to the waiting room feeling quite thoroughly crazy, and wondering about needing a new prescription that i would now have to walk to the pharmacy and wait for.

Bless the doctor, he came to the waiting room with 3 boxes of the patches! i was saved from the pharmacy!

i drove home, feeling very unsure, but very relieved--and with extreme driving care. i was in a huge amount of pain, physically and mentally.

i've slept most of the day and evening, in my half dream state. i even managed to do a tiny bit of my current knitting project, and hope that tomorrow when i see it i will not find a mess.

So, bad day. And how can i enjoy the kind of drug known on the street as "hillbilly heroin" if i'm in too much pain? Something's just not right here.


Silliyak said...

Britney Spears will probably buy your leftovers!

julia said...

Dang! i already flushed 'em-- i did read something that said even though it costs pennies, the street value is something like 40 bucks a pill! just look at all the money i could have made while ruining people's lives!

Silliyak said...

You've made a bunch of fish very happy.

julia said...

i just read the comments to my hubby, and he's disappointed i got rid of them...i'm HOPING he's kidding... :-)

Unknown said...

Welllll.... crap! Scratch that comment where I said I was glad you were off the patch and replace the word patch with Hillybilly Happy pills.

I guess that is why all of our neighbors sit on their porches and wave to every passing car. They don't even look up(Probably can't lift their heads).
BTW... tell hubby to grab his fishing pole and catch some of those happy fish. Can you picture him standing on a street corner saying...."Pssst hey buddy, want to buy some happy fish". "Will give you a buzz you won't forget... If you can get past the smell"