Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A little Tuesday extra.

Given that today, April Fool's Day, is the day my hubby proposed to me aaaall those years ago (32) i figure i will put an extra little photo op on the ol' blog.

The two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other. But i wanted to say that about April Fool's, and i wanted to put the photos on. So, yeh.

Above are a couple of photos of when hubby and i visited his doggy Dynamo in the local Castro Valley Vet Hotel--oh they were glad to see each other! BUT, Dyno didn't come home today, either. He's still having issues and needing treatment. (cha ching!) Poor Dynamo, he really wanted out of that crate when he heard us coming. He looked so small, but then he was 2 doors down from a cat that looked to be about his same size.


Unknown said...

They both look absolutely pitiful. I sure hope little "D" doggie gets to come home soon so they will both be sporting a smile instead of looking so sad and forlorned. If the pancreatitis is as difficult on puppies as it is on humans it will take the little guy some time to get past it.

MsCatMinder said...

Oh Poor Dynamo .... hope he gets to come home soon , poor baby . Must have surely raised the spirits seeing you though ?

julia said...

oh, i am so hoping he comes home soon--dean is definitely missing his doggy, even more than i am. (this pain class is keeping me busy!!) i think he was VERY happy to see us yesterday and today--he calmed down more quickly today. The vets are trying to be very thorough--tomorrow he gets to try solid food again to see if it stays down. i praaaay that it does!