Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This is my brain on drugs.

Yes, i have scrambled eggs for brains these days.

i am on pain medication trial number four. The patch is a thing of the past, 2 little pills 3 times a day are in.

i talked to the doc yesterday: "Well, it seems that the first few days of the increased dose of the fentanyl patch i am very dizzy. Like right now. BUT, my pain number is not any less than it was. At all."

He agreed that's not helpful. He said i am obviously getting something through of the medication, since i am having the dizzy side effect, but it would be better to have pain reduction. So, since i am not getting that, we should try again. Off with the patches, in with the pills.

Something i am learning while in this make-a-note-of-my-pain-number time of my life is how to observe and rate my pain. This has shown me that there are several distinct sorts of pain involved. One is the arthritis pain. That responds at least in part to ibuprofen. This is good. Then there is the general fibromyalgia pain, which generally stays in a 3 point spread. It responds to very little. Then there is the fibro muscle fatigue from exercise, which seems to respond only to stopping the activity. And last, there is the all-encompassing fatigue from the fibro. IT only responds to being asleep, the only time i'm not aware of it.

So perhaps i should be keeping 4 charts? Or at least have 4 rating columns on my one chart? "Current activity: strength exercises. My arthritis is complaining but hanging in there, my general fibro pain is discussing whether it wants to be a '6' or a '7' on the pain scale, but says the shoes are comfortable. The muscle fatigue is screaming, and the Just-Plain-Fatigue would like the muscles to shut up so it could take a nap."

i'll be curious to see whether or not the new medication will speak to more than one of the 4 at once.


equichick8 said...

Pains that speak to each other? Novel idea...

Really, you could make a novel if you wanted to. There's lots of good stuff in there.

Silliyak said...

Yes, That would be a novel approach to the subject

Anonymous said...

I hope the med helps. I just saw the Rheumy yesterday and had a neck x-ray because of a pain-in-the-neck that won't let up. He wants me to wear a soft neck brace to bed along with the wrist splints for the carpal tunnel, very sexy look:)

Unknown said...

Hey there Sis,
Do you ever feel as if you are being used as a guinea pig? I know I do. I realize though that in reality we all respond differently to what they try to treat us with. I am glad you are off the patch... that worried me a bit. Hang in there!! Oh naps are so good........