Friday, January 04, 2008

Proud O' Me.

Check it out! They're square, but they aren't potholders!! No, they are pillows, and i made them. And i'm proud.

After thinking i was surely too stupid to enable the Ultimate Sweater Machine to make even the most basic Ultimate Anything, i had a breakthrough. i realize that word is generally saved for moments where a mathemetician reaches an understanding of anti-gravity, or a patient has an epiphany during therapy, but this counts. i went from muttering unspiritual words under my breath as i tried to untangle each newest yarn foible, to a nearly spiritual state while knitting successful row after successful row. And voila! After only one (really long) short week (me being one of those who apparently would not find it easy to learn) i have created 2 small pillows!

The colors in the pictures aren't too true to the beautiful and outstandingly crafted pillows themselves, but the colors are a dark mossy green and a light mossy green along with a chocolate brown and a splash of dark red. i could probably buy something of the sort at Ross-Dress-For-Less for 15 bucks, but who can really put a price on accomplishment? Or pride? Or this amazing ache in my shoulders from spending all those hours determined to succeed?

This is only the beginning. i'm sure there are many more pillows in my future, and possibly a dog sweater or three. i'm not quite ready to tackle a sweater for myself yet. My neck needs to heal.


limbolady said...

HURRAY FOR YOU!!! I am REALLY impressed! You have much more stick-with-it-iveness than I ever would - the machine would be in the garbage by now if it had been me :)

Unknown said...

I am so dog gone proud of you!! Did you ever stop to think that perhaps the effects of the new meds may have fogged up your thought proccesses, making the learning ordeal tougher than it normally would have been??? I think that was it in a nut shell.

I'm doing the WAVE for you!!

julia said...

i too am impressed with myself, ladies! It was (is) an exercise in patience! My first lesson of the new year.
Jo, i wish i could see you doing the wave, all by yourself! i do have something of a mental picture, though, and it's pretty amusing--
Not sure about the medication issue, i think it was just hard to get the hang of. * sigh * BUT it is coming together! i have another project going as we speak!

Anonymous said...

So awesome! I love those pillows!