Thursday, January 31, 2008

All the knits that's fit to print!

Okay--here's the haps--

My laptop computer has decided in recent weeks to get fiddly. Big time fiddly. Such as in now the thing doesn't even power up on the cord. So i've been hopping on to use my Quicken and pay the bills, and hopping right back off. Hopping on to move my photos from my camera and hopping right back off. Every second counts, as i only have whatever life this battery chooses to give me. So i've been using hubby's computer for general cruising and such. BUT i have a new one coming SOON!! Very thrilling for one who loves gadgets such as me!

So--my goal here today is to toss up on my Blogger page all the knit things i've been doing, and hop off.

My crazy leftovers slippers, modeled after the ones i learned to knit in 3rd grade using sharpened #2 pencils for the knitting needles.

Our handsome Dynamo sporting his new sweater--very collegiate, don't you think?

My chocolate boy, Morris in his new sweater. He seems very happy to wear it!

i see i am missing pictures of Barnaby dog in his new sweater, and the blanket, AND my most excellently organized craft cranny. That leaves more for when i hop on next time!

Phew--now hopping off.


Unknown said...

I was So Hoppy to see that you posted today....

Like those sweaters. Now there is something I hadn't even thought about was making a sweater for my granpuppy Lucy. She would probably really appreciate it. Iknow she would either wear it or eat it or both..

Grat to see your words again.

limbolady said...

Oh my gosh, you are now officially one of THOSE grandmas who makes THOSE slippers!!! I can't even believe it!! HAR HAR! I do love the sweaters for the boys, though. I am impressed.