Saturday, January 19, 2008

Playing with my pills.

Still trying to make the methadone work.

After spending a week at only half a 5 mg pill per day, then increasing to half in the morning and half in the evening with no problems, the doc increased me to a full 5 mg pill in the morning and at night. BOY did i feel weird--super sedated, super dizzy, felt that flu-like feverish feeling of nightmarishness. i called after 4 days of that with no let-up. They said, hmm, too quick a raising of the dose, go back to half and half and call us in a week. Wow, first two days of backing down from the higher dose i felt like i'd been run over by a bus. Side effects all settled down, i called the doc again, and was told to raise only the evening dose to the 5 mg pill, and leave the morning dose at the half pill.

Did i mention anywhere that the actual dose that might do me any good pain-wise is somewhere like 3 times what i'm taking? No wait--let me think about the math--they said it takes 10 to 15 mg 3 times a day to be at the therapeutic dose. That's 30 to 45 mg per day, while i am still at 7 and a half per day. That's more like, um, letsee, 7 goes into 45.... i'm a ways away, that's what it boils down to.

Daughter Corinne pointed out that i've hurt for quite a while, and this is hopefully a short time in comparison to get some pain relief figured out that will help for a looong time. Now who's the Pollyanna?? That's usually my job!

But the good things: i still love the people in my life, and my knitting machine, and my newly more organized craft nook shelves. i'm behind on blogging and posting pictures of the thrilling moments of my life--like the finished blanket i did for hubby on the knitting machine, and the cool craft shelves. Not sure how much other people are thrilled about those things, but i just love seeing the photos all formatted cool and professional looking on my blog. If nothing else, i am easily amused.


Unknown said...

well you silly person that flip flops back and forth across the street....where are the pictures???? I read about pictures and decided you had put them at the end of your post, but they were not there. I pulled out your craft nook, peeked under the newly knitted blanket, even looked in your pill bottles.... Still no pictures!!

They must get you started on the big time pain meds the same way they take you off of them. A wee little bit at a time. Be patient!!
We have the sweetest little sign that Tersie's youngest made for G'Pa at Sunday School, hanging on the wall right next to the computer. It says, "BE PATIENT" (I have hidden your word in my heart.... Psalm 119:11a)

I just have to let you in on a secret... 'We really don't live on a mountain. It is a BIG HILL.' The first time we found this property, JD referred to it as the 'house on the mountain'. I tried to correct him the first time he said it, but was quickly informed; "Well, baby where I come from it is a mountain!" Which is very true. In Louisiana you can stand in the Southwest corner of the state and see the Northeast corner. Have a good day!

Now I am going to my blog and point toward this comment for my post for today... lol

equichick8 said...

Oh Julie, I miss you already. How does moving 5 minutes away make it seem like you live an hour away? I dunno...

I too want to see the blanket you made for Dean and your new craft shelves in photos. I mean, come on! The sense of accomplishment is inspiring! I could come over and model something again if you wanted.

When I watch you deal with the different doses that the Dr. gives you I kinda feel like I'm watching the real Julie sort of disappear. I know you are just, kind of, hibernating. But that doesn't console me (buy the way, I know that this feeling is nothing compared to what you yourself are feeling about this, and Dean and your kids too).

I guess I (and anyone else who loves you) hates to see you not being Julie like we know her. So for your sake and my own selfish reasons, I really hope this new medicine really kicks fibros butt in the end. And you will still be our Julie.

julia said...

Jo--i THOUGHT i felt my craft nook shake! but then i live in earthquake country, so i didn't think anything of it...

Operative word--i am "behind" on my pictures. But in my imagination they look great! LOL Thing is, i haven't been able to get a satisfactory photo of the blanket, it isn't nearly as impressive as it is in my head. Now, the craft nook (and/or cranny,) THAT is impressive!

And i'm sure if JD says it's a mountain, i'll just see it in my head as a mountain--it sounds lovely as either a mountain or a hill. ;-)

Equi-adina--i'm sure i'll be back sooner or later. ;-) My sis told me that on some of her meds she didn't even feel safe to drive--I CAN'T HAVE THAT! I MUST GO SHOPPING!! so i'll keep at this till something works, and if none of the big guns fix the pain without making me comotose, i'll just go back to ibuprofen. Must be able to get out of the house, as you know!! Thanks for missing me--really, we are only 5 minutes apart! That's practically neighbors, right? :-)