Sunday, January 06, 2008

Proud O' HER.

The "HER" is daughter Corinne. i knew she was a smart girl, i mean, she did just graduate from San Francisco State and all. And she did get a cool internship at a publishing house in San Francisco, Chronicle Books. And she is, after all, my daughter.

She had taken a test at the end of 2007 for the position of library aide, and had been waiting, somewhat impatiently, for the results. Finally, a couple of days ago, a rather bedraggled letter arrived in the mail with a date of December 17. Now, just to set the stage, i need to tell you that she said there were probably 150 people taking the test that day, and she (somewhat philosophically) says that she's prone to making silly mistakes in math problems. So her hopes weren't super high: one tiny little slightly math-challenged girl against 149 other people who may also have degrees plus math abilities.

Drum roll here: (did you do it?) She came out--wait for it--NUMBER 2 ON THE LIST!! Second from the top! Only one person with a higher score! My girl are smart.

One of my blog-friends, Tersie, had one of those years you're glad to leave behind. Her mom has told her, "You're my hero." At first i thought, "That's a curious thing--i wonder what she means?" But then, Corinne. She has grown so much as a person in the last few years that i have been amazed and delighted. She has learned much about herself and how to deal with her anxieties and fears, she has learned how to move forward in her life and not be held back by fear of the unknown and the potential of failure. She has taught herself, The Great Overthinker, (it's kind of a family "thing") to release some control and try some different job things, and see where they take her. Don't just settle for the easy, the comfortable, the Known. Thus the internship, the library aide, the substitute teaching. It's a beautiful thing. i see her doing things i admire. Things i myself would be fearful to try. She's allowed herself to learn things that some of us need years of therapy to even come close to.

She's my hero.


Anonymous said...

That is SO COOL! I'm proud of her too!! Our kids are in our lives for many reasons - for us to "train them up in the way they should go", to challenge our wits, to drain us of all our energy and finances, etc, etc, but one we don't tend to think about much is the potential that they could have things to teach US! Especially as they grow up and become their own people. Good going, Cori.

Unknown said...

Well kudos to "HER". She has definitley earned 'Hero' status. Isn't it great to look up to your children for a change, instead of being looked up {{AT}} all of the time.

Sending congratulations hugs on to "HER".... Take one for yourself too while you are at it.

julia said...

She's pretty amazing. ;-)