Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ahead of myself.

i'm not sure why i do it, but i tend to get ahead of myself. The one cool thing about that is the potential of having nice things come out of it--like this prayer shawl i knit on my Ultimate Sweater Machine.

The main way i get ahead of myself in craft type things is rather than going through all the carefully planned learning steps in a craft, i start learning and then go "OOH! This would be fun!" and "OOH! i bet it would work this way too!" and off i go on my own little bunny trails.

i had told hubby when i got the machine at Christmas that my plans were to work my way through the projects in the book that came with it, so i could learn the skills in a building-up sort of way as i got more familiar with it. That thought lasted through the first scarf (which i didn't like and took apart after) and the hat (took that apart too.) It reminded me of my school sewing class where i ended up in the group who had to make a lined wool skirt since we never had. Well, i never had because i didn't want a lined wool skirt, not because i couldn't. And so my (very polite) rebellion began.

In the case of my knitting machine, by project 3 in the book i started looking on the internet for patterns of things i was interested in, and trying to figure out how to change the patterns from hand knit to machine knit. For me this is a blast of a pastime. i love that kind of stuff, not sure why. And then i print off patterns, and make notes, and start little notebooks of projects--it's silly but oh so fun for me! One of my charms is that i am easily amused. It makes me a cheap date.

So, all that to say, the picture is of friend Adina modeling my prayer shawl, made mostly in one evening (till i ran out of yarn and had to wait to finish till i bought more.) It's a simple garment, but a pretty one, i think. i wanted to make something with the cool brown boucle textured yarn i'd bought, not whatever the next project from the book was. So there i went, getting ahead of myself. (It seems i could do something cool on it like edge it in some way, or put a tie on the front--any ideas?) Anyway, model Adina is pregnant and has a little tiny baby tummy. For her, the tummy you see there is bigger than normal. Mine has not been that small in decades, even without pregnancy. And yet i still love her.

Sadly though, she and hubby and adorable 2 year old Miriel are moving--THIS WEEKEND. At first it seemed like it would never happen, they would never get a buyer for their very cute two bedroom house so they could look for something more expandable. And now all the sudden they're moving in a few days. Crazy. No longer can i walk across the rainy street in my flip-flops for a nice cup of tea. No more can she just come across to our house for a movie and company when she's got a cold and is lonely. These are disturbing losses. It has nothing to do with me and my crafty shortcomings, i don't suppose, but since i like rabbit trails, there ya go--wanting a picture of my shawl for the blog, i flip-flopped (shoes, ladies, i mean my shoes--) across the street in the rain for tea and a model. This brings up the fact that i won't be able to do that after this weekend.

And if i simply add to those last couple of sentences that the shawl i wanted modeled came as a result of my shortcutting sins, the Skimmers among us have the Reader's Digest version of the post.


limbolady said...

Boy, you are just not gonna let your husband off the hook, are you? Tee! Hee! I LOVE the shawl!!! And I know it's not the same, but I AM just up the street a bit further and I accept all forms of footware at my place :)

Unknown said...

You just had to ruin it for me....lol

Here I was with my vivd imagination picturing you actually flip flopping across the street.

Great job on the prayer shawl. FYI the ones I did by hand took four days of pretty much doing nothing else, but crocheting. That is 4 shawls you can do to my 1. Good Job!