Sunday, December 02, 2007

Borrowed thoughts.

My husband, "the skimmer," commented that i hadn't written lately on my blog. (i think at first he thought i might have taken him off the mailing list due to his skimming offense.) But truth is, all the overthinking and pondering i do on a daily basis just hasn't been terribly interesting. With this cold having a much longer run than many Broadway plays, i haven't felt very bright or deep or pensive. So, possibly the best thing to do is turn your eyes upon the words of others more bright, pensive, and thoughtful than i feel.

Magistramater's thoughts on Giving With Grace, thoughts on giving, for the Christmas season.

Tersie's thoughts on Could This Be Why? addressing the view young people today have of Jesus vs Christianity (or what i like to call "Churchianity.")

And from a day when i definitely was in a deeper frame of mind:
Walking in the Cool of the Day, on spending time with God.

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