Wednesday, November 21, 2007

(Some) attention span.

i just found out my husband "skims" my longer posts.

The only reason he reads them at all is because he complains of "no good email" ever coming to his account, so i said, "Well, i could sign you up to receive my blog." So i did.

i had thought my family (as in grown daughters, husband, sister) would be interested in my life and thoughts. Apparently i delude myself, as my sister is the only willing reader out of all the aforementioned relatives.

Now, this same skimming husband can watch hours of a program detailing the process of applying cotton to a cotton swab, or watch a Bruce Willis movie twice in the period of one airplane flight. But he feels the need to "skim" my posts.

So much for what i so optimistically felt to be my amusing and pithy observations on life.


Jen said...

I'm listening, Julie! And on your most recent comment (about the state of your house when you returned), it probably took your family the whole month, where it would have taken mine an hour or two!

limbolady said...

Yet again my opinion of men is reiterated....although I must point out that watching a Bruce Willis movie is a fairly mindless pursuit as compared to reading your thoughts and processing them. I share your pain!!!

julia said...

Thanks for listening, Jen ;-) And after spending the month at Shawn's, all the memories of toys spread through the house came back full force!!!
Melimbolady, what can i say? But COME ON, Bruce Willis??

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find my Google account for this and think I remember it finally. I don't think I have a blogger account tho. I don't recall what you said about the condition of the house when you got home so better try to find it. What on earth were you doing up at 6:43am today?! I hope you have a most lovely Thanksgiving! Love to you all, Patti

Anonymous said...

What Patti said...that's the whole first part of my comment. Don't know you Patti but you and I have similar thoughts.

Julie, I read every word you write and say "yay" when my inbox says you have posted. I love you, your thoughts, and love to read about the cool places you go!!!

equichick8 said...

I read every word, just not always the moment it gets posted. I also enjoy reading your posts as they make me smile and sometimes giggle.