Sunday, November 04, 2007

3 Days till we know!!!

In just three days exactly we will find out if Shawn's baby is a boy or a girl--do i need to add the pink to the baby blanket i'm knitting or not? Will there be another boy in the household to play rough and tumble with his big brothers, or will a little sister be kicking their butts?

It's 9:45 a.m. Sunday in this part of the world. In California where i normally spend my days it's 1:45 a.m. But for both of us, come Wednesday exactly this same time of day, a new baby will join the outside world. So if you too are curious to know, watch this space. ;-)


limbolady said...

Oh, my goodness, isn't it just too exciting??!? I hope they get a girl, but a boy would be nice, too. What a gang that would make, 3 boys!

I bought a BUNCH of baby clothes for Gracie at Mervyn's yesterday, ALL $2 each!!! I could hardly believe it. I'll return the "wrong sex" clothes when she finds out the sex on 11/13. I also got a used Graco stroller and fold-up playpen at a yard sale Saturday for $5 each! Such fun!

Anonymous said...

I bet you are so very excited and Shawn more than ready to have the baby born. Will you go out shopping while she's resting or will she be up and about quickly do you think like the last 2 times? Good luck to you all and enjoy every moment. It's been so long since we've had a newborn here except one and it's rather far to go to see considering the pain. Our nephew and his wife just had their 4th and I rarely saw the 3rd one due to their schedule and Keith's and my lack of desire to put myself thru the wringer. The mother hovers when you hold the babies and it drives me nuts. When you get back to writing about fibromyalgia, etc I can explain more about the pain. How is your sleep going over there? I'd love to see more photos of Shawns great touch in decorating the place- there must be new things since Euan was born like in the boys room. I bet the place is going to be very small and they'll want to move more than ever. Thanks for the updates and let Shawn and Jon know I'm thinking about them. I don't think it would mean anything to the boys, but hug them for me. Does Shawn have a bit of a British accent by now? Take care and Love to you all, Patti

julia said...

Melimbo!! You got the total deals!! What fun--

Patti!! i AM excited, and i just finished knitting the baby blanket i've been working on for months--we're having fun, it's great to see how she's taken to the whole parenting thing, she's really sweet with the boys. i can't imagine her staying down too long, she is an energy machine! And yes, she has a tiny bit of English lilt to her speech. ;-)