Tuesday, December 04, 2007

(No) self control.

When i woke up this morning, i thought, "i'm going to dinner tonight, i have juice in the fridge, maybe i should do a daytime juice fast." Feeling quite proud of my dietary impulses, i went downstairs to the kitchen. The juice fast quickly became a juice-and-one-peppermint-cookie fast. i mean, i have these lovely cookies my friend Adina made! How can i not have just one?

i continued my day, doing paperwork, drinking water and juice. Lunchtime came. Oh shoot--i have that leftover piece of really good pizza in the fridge--i don't want it to get too old to eat! And my juice fast became a juice-and-one-peppermint-cookie-and-one-piece-of-really-good-leftover-pizza fast.

i'm still going out for dinner tonight.


Tersie said...

I hope your dinner was good. We have days like that. Some of us more than others! ha! ;-)

Tersie said...

oh ... one more thought ... the more you practice self control, the easier it is to come by the next time you need it. I know that from (a tiny bit of) experience. I'm still in the building stages, myself. Very few people are able to master it. Would life really be any fun if we do get it mastered though? Hmmm ... there's a deep thought for the day ....