Saturday, November 24, 2012

Poeming: She.


She called me “the deep one.”

 She was the blonde one, the pretty one,

 the petite one,

 so I guess it was good that

 I had “deep,”

 a word purchased by my



going through the painful process of

being first frozen by the

fear I could do nothing

then moving through


whereby I would

never trust myself and so

must look at



from 57 angles

and would have gladly traded




Written for the poetry prompt to write a deep poem. Deep end of the pool. Six feet deep. Archaeology. Whatever you write, just dig deep.

This one is for my sister Patti. i miss you, sissypoo!!


Michele said...

Sounds like I could have written this poem!
Just joined your blog after "meeting" on PAD challenge

julia said...

AW! Thanks for joining, Michele! i love that, how there can be such a strong recognition of the same truth among different people who've never met. :-)

And Michele with one "l" is my daughter's middle name, after a friend i went to college with. i love when i see it elsewhere!