Sunday, November 18, 2012

Poeming: Never the same.

This is me, early '70s, in Vail, CO where i moved to
 be with my sister Patti. Dig them bell bottoms!

i decided to use a previous poetry prompt that was to use the last line of your previous poem to write your poem. (Did i say "previous" and "poem" enough?) So here it is.


the day I first felt Someone bigger than me

in the sunshine waterfalling from the window

I was never the same

the day I sang hymns in my Grandma’s basement

soothing away my parents’ breakup

I was never the same

the day I got off the bus and my nose-hairs froze,

to live and laugh and learn with my big sister

I was never the same

the day my Grandma died, me full wombed

hating the knowledge they’d never meet

I was never the same

the day I held each swaddled grandbaby

three on each side of the ocean

I’ve never been the same

So many days have passed, now my sister too,

and through changes of all descriptions

and through the changing and growing of me

some things are always the same

I still know that “Someone bigger,” and He

is leading me holding me loving me,

and through all of life’s changes

He’s always the same.

jle 2012

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