Saturday, September 29, 2007

Come out and play!

Toward the end of a very long, very mentally/emotionally/physically achy day (yes, i'm pretty sure my emotions can be achy--) Cool Tool #3 came!! The Sizzix goodies!! i spent two hours trying every single bit of it out, each dollar die, each embosser, the sample papers. i still hurt, but i was distracted by the joy of creating.

What works for you? What takes your worries and aches away? Scrapbooking (creative) and knitting (creative) and reading help a lot. Often i like to organize something to keep my mind off of things--i once read that a person who is predominantly right brain (creative) can relax and de-stress their brain by doing something left brain (logical) and vice versa. i think that's where my enjoyment of organizing comes in, and my love of playing with Excel. i'm a predominantly creative person, things like math and organization not coming easily to me. Plus i'm left-handed, which is apparently also a right brain thing-- So, though it seems weird to me, both creating and organizing relax me.

Please share with me--i'm feeling lonely out here in blog-land!


Tersie said...

Interesting thought. But I think I can see where you're at on this idea of left brained and right brained activities both relaxing you. I'm kind of that way myself. I can get completely lost while drawing. I have no awareness of the time that has passed while I'm doing it. Organizing, while it's not one of my favorite things in the world (my house will attest to that fact!), does seem to make the time fly for me as well. Once I convince myself that I need to get started, I get lost in the task. Yes, I still see it as a task, even if it makes the time fly! ;) I think I'm such a detail oriented person that I can drive myself crazy with organization. I get overwhelmed before I'm done. Oh, and writing. I can spend hours writing - that's one of my favorite pastimes. I really don't know what any of this really says about me and my personality, however! hah! ;)

julia said...

i think it says you and i share a lot of things in common!! (See, i KNEW i liked you!)

Thanks for coming by--i've been lonely!

julia said...

What do you like to draw?

i can be detail oriented, but i'm not so great with the larger part of organizing--or maybe it's just the keeping it organized that i'm not such a fan of--

Jen said...

You've been so busy on here, Julie! Believe it or not, blogging helps me relax. Since I'm not teaching right now, sometimes I don't get to use some of my skills in the way I'm used to. So with my blogs, at least I get to write and be creative. (My dad is happy I'm getting some use of my college education right now, although I routinely tell him that I am using child development, child psychology, art for children, and music for children DAILY!).

When I had more time I scrapbooked, but right now my blog is my digital scrapbook and eventually I will get back to the paper form... maybe when A stops putting everything in her mouth! I also like to knit and read! I've been doing quite a bit of both lately, constantly checking out books from the library and discussing knitting patterns with friends.

julia said...

hey, Jen! i didn't know you were a knitter--my current project is a diagonally striped baby blanket for Shawn's 3rd! i'm making it in a blue/purple/green stripe, but will be fully prepared in case it turns out to be a girl (since they don't know--the ultrasound didn't show gender) and will add a pink something to it if needed. ;-)