Tuesday, September 25, 2007

OOH--Hey, if you're interested--

You can now add an RSS feed from this blog by selecting the link that says "subscribe to posts" at the bottom of my blog page, thus creating a handy-dandy little feature that keeps you informed of my blogs as they are added. You then merely need to select your Favorites Center on Internet Explorer, and pick the RSS feeds button there, and anything you have added to the feed will show up!

It's practically magic. This is how i finally scored a Nintendo Wii for my grandson by signing up for an RSS feed to a site that tracked any store that got them in. And i have a feed from the Amazon Gold Box deals, stuff like that. It's not as handy as simply receiving the new blogs in your email, as i get with my Xanga blogger friends, but it is, i must say, a very cute button.

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