Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thoughts on a book: "A Distant Melody" by Sarah Sundin

Remember when i said "I'll say more on the book once I do more than just put it on my bedside table"? Yeh, back on that page. I just finished reading it today.

I have to admit I got hooked on the story. I'm not the greatest romantic, I don't tend to pick up books of couples gazing into each others eyes, and I definitely don't pick up books with a World War II airplane for background to previously mentioned adoring couple. Usually I'm the one hunting in corners for books about dysfunctional families, or books where if I could just once make it past chapter 5 might Change My Life Forever.

Let's face it: in the last few years mostly I'm looking for a home decorating magazine I haven't seen already.

But I loved it! Author Sarah Sundin is a new friend from the writers conference I recently attended at Mount Hermon near Santa Cruz, California. She was just so sweet and welcoming I decided that whatever she wrote I was buying and having her sign, like the little admiring newbie writer I am. (Imagine my relief on finding she wasn't writing a 12 part series called "Fun With Higher Mathematics." Phew.)

"A Distant Melody" has a great cast of characters. The story revolves around a wealthy young woman and the correspondence she carries on with a young pilot during World War II. As a young woman who has grown up under the weight of her parents expectations, how does she find the path to become the woman she would like to be?

I don't normally write book reviews, but I wanted to share what I appreciate about Sarah's writing: she writes approachable, imperfect characters, who have flaws, a sense of humor, and don't have all the answers. After all, aren't imperfections and struggles things we as humans can absolutely relate to?

If you're looking for a bodice ripper you won't find any heaving bosoms here. But if you're looking for a storyline you can sink your teeth into with characters like the flawed folks you probably know, you're in the right place. Sarah writes substance, not just hormones.

I'm a fan of substance and good storytelling, and Sarah gave me both. Thanks, Sarah!

By the way, "A Distant Melody" is Book One in her "Wings of Glory" series.

Skimmer's recap: Book, romance, history, I liked it.


Sarah Sundin said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Julie, that has to be the absolute funniest review I've received yet - and I have over 100 reviews now. "Substance, not hormones." That may be my new tagline :)

julia said...

HAHAHA! Glad to have a unique take on things. :-)