Friday, April 16, 2010

An interesting study on cleaning in which i learn things about myself.

i decided to do some cleaning of all the stuff by my bed. This is what was on the bedside table top. A little fantasy reading--and i don't mean the novel,

i mean the magazines with articles on losing weight (easily, of course!) and getting organized.

"A Distant Melody" is Sarah Sundin's first book. She was one of the first people i met at Mount Hermon, and she put me at ease immediately with her welcoming smile. It's my next-to-read, and has gotten amazing reviews. i'm sure i'll love it as much as everyone else has, and can look forward to the next two books coming in the series. i'll write again once i've done more than simply place it on my bedside table. :-)

The lovely spread of it all? Totally and absolutely for your viewing pleasure--since you wouldn't be able to see them in their normal jumble.

The process of cleaning rarely leaves me happy (unless it's cleaning in the "Will work for praise" style.) But books! i found more books! i've been stashing them in a basket under the night table as i've collected them. My friend Melanie reads a lot and loans the ones to me she thinks i'll like. It's kind of like having the library just drop by my house with fun surprises.

Anyway, she brings them, i pick them up at thrift stores and garage sales, and i get some in the mail because i support New Life Ministries.

Unfortunately, 2009 was not the happiest and best year in the Elder household due to job changes and layoffs and job searches and rehires, not to mention my constant companion fibromyalgia. So i didn't read much. Now i have not only the books i bought from writers at Mount Hermon and other places, but i have these to add to the Collection Of the Unread But Not Unloved.

Looking over the titles i'd say i have a pretty wide range of tastes, again the usual mix of fiction, fantasy and hope. By "hope" i mean all the titles i pick up because i hope they'll give me some edge on life or organization or becoming fabulously fit by 50 (oops! too late. Make that 60.) These books usually fit under the "fantasy" heading as well.

Of course the odd title just appeals to me, as in Carrie Fisher's "Wishful Drinking." i'm looking forward to it since i love and own the movie "Postcards From the Edge," based on her life.

i now have 42 books to read. Better get myself started. This was a happy cleaning moment.

Skimmer's recap: Yep, i got a lotta books.


Unknown said...

Well here is to your 2010 being a better year than 2009. Personally I take a look around at all I could and should be doing and become overwhelmed by it all. It looks as if you have enough books to keep you busy for a few days.....

Have a wonderful weekend!

julia said...

Amen to that, Jo! both to "i hope this year is better than last," and to getting overwhelmed. i guess that's why i clean one thing and i'm done! LOL

limbolady said...

"Wishful Drinking" is a fast and fun read, but I wish you'd gotten to come to the live show with me! Carrie Fisher is absolutely too funny!!! If she ever comes back here and does her one-woman show after Broadway, you HAVE to go see her. Really.