Sunday, April 14, 2013

Poeming (of sorts): (Not So) Amuse(ing)-Bouche.

At Poetic Asides, the prompt for Saturday the 13th (also my son's 25th birthday!) was to write a comparison poem. Here's my offering of the day. In case you don't watch Masterchef or some other cooking show where you learn hoity-toity words like "amuse-bouche", it means "something to please the mouth" and is a one bite appetizer kinda thing. And i like the way it sounds--it amuses me.

one of my "delightful" green concoctions.


When I make green juices

with vitamins and such

I feel so very thin (within)

like I’m not aging (much.)

When I give in to sugar

a (BIG!) weakness of mine

I feel my hips and thighs are

becoming elephantine.

I wish I were less prone to

these games inside my head,

but if they get too crushing

I (have a snack and) go to bed.
(wink!) jle 2013

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