Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Poeming: "F" Words.

This doesn't really go, but it made me laugh. Good enough!

Over at Poetic Asides the poetry prompt for the 15th was "infestation." So i wrote this bitching poem--and i don't mean like "Bitchin' jogging suit, dude!" i mean "bitching." (Hmm. Should i make that a new tag for the label cloud?)


and when fatigue infests
like locusts on a vine
like ants marching in line
steadily, thoroughly

this ache that won’t give up
like fire in my veins
and I don’t hold the reins
plaguing me, utterly

they say it’s in my head
yes there and in my legs
and the rest of me, it begs
believing me, “pains”takingly

some days I barely bear
the weight of it
I’m in the pit
totally, submersedly

Some say “Well you can’t DIE from it”
that’s the good thing—
also the bad thing—
occasionally, Fibromyalgia-cally.

jle 2013

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