Friday, October 05, 2012

My random poem for the day.


She never looked up.

the cigarette dangled from her fingers

graceful as a Hollywood starlet,

smoke soldiers guarding her head

as I passed

her kitchen table kingdom.

She never spoke.

so I ran outside to the park

where the swings called me to fly

where the leaves waved

dappled sun greetings

smiling at me to stay.

Later she spoke loudly

from boxed ashes in Nebraska

aided by a paid representative

who heaped on me her words

in boxes full of annotated


I cried hard.

Reading multiple signed notes

 in truest “Mommie Dearest” fashion,

her disappointment guarded

more tightly than she’d ever

guarded me.

I’m learning to look up

from the ashes of my dreams

back to the green-ness of the trees

back to the welcoming sunlit leaves,

to learn to guard my joys more tightly

than my hurts.
jle 2012

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