Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another poetry prompt: a chant. For Patti.

missed all my appointments
right after you died
just couldn’t care
just couldn’t try
I still can’t believe you’re not here
waited all day for my birthday
phone call
for the sound of your laugh
but your voice is gone
I still can’t believe you’re not here
and I’m making dinner
the same as before
and I go to the bank
and I go to the store
and I still can’t believe you’re not here
 the tether is broken
from me to the ground
and I’m floating away
like a winter’s day cloud
and my heart’s just a sigh
in the midst of a crowd
and I still can’t believe you’re not here
with me.


Linda H. said...

I tried to comment on this over at Poetic Asides but got the darn "You are posting too fast. Slow down" message.

This is such a melancholy and meaningful poem. Loss is always difficult. This is a nice tribute to your friend Patti.

julia said...

thank you, Linda-- This was for my sister Patti. She's been gone since March, and i actually used the whole April Poem A Day as therapy of sorts. :-) The loss is still difficult, but it eases a tiny bit as time passes....

i intensely dislike that "posting too fast" gremlin! Makes it so difficult to tell someone i appreciate their poem. So thank you for coming by here to let me know. :-)