Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poetic Therapy.

On the Writer's Digest website, Robert Lee Brewer has a blog called "Poetic Asides." Each April for the past several years he has run a Poem A Day challenge with a different theme challenge for each day. It's pretty fun to read, pretty fun to do. This year i've dubbed it "PAD Therapy" and i've been writing all my poems dealing with my birth family and recent loss of my sister Patti. Who says you shouldn't enjoy at least part of the grieving process?

The challenge for today was to write either a science fiction poem or a fantasy poem. This was my take on it.


In a morning garden
we meet near the climbing roses
that caress a fountain
of cement gray.
We stroll the winding path
down the hill to a small café
we love to chatter at
next to the sea,
and sit raising our faces
letting the sun embrace our skin,
just two girls bathing in
an ocean breeze.

Op’ning my eyes I see
the room around me, my aged hands
and say goodbye for now
my sister-friend,
happy to have a place
we can go walking, and laugh again
because I miss you so
with my eyes open....

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