Friday, July 24, 2009

My body on fibromyalgia Part 2.

i have burned my back with the heating pad, not quite this seriously--who knew those clasps on my, um, "Support The Girls" apparatus could get so stinkin' hot?

In the interest of illustrating the "screaming girl" analogy of my previous post, thought i'd share this.

Doing laundry. Every so often it's necessary to wash all those little rugs that hang out at doors and sinks. i have a clothesline out back for our lovely California days, a perfect place to hang all the little lovelies.

Rug One--sure, a bit heavy after the washer. Reach up to clothespin it to stay put on the line--if i don't and it drops, one of the doxies running around our house and yard will either eat it or pee on it.

Rug Two--reach up with it, ooh--arms from shoulder to fingertips are feeling it. And it isn't a question of strength, the actual muscle strength is there, no, it's those naughty screaming nerves.

Rug Three--begin to reach up to the line and OOH! a pulsating heat blasts between fingertips and shoulders. Arms begin to shake. Muscles feel exhausted, like i've just finished 15 pull-ups instead of hanging two small rugs.

Rest, repeat.

Not complaining, simply illustrating. Fibro is a weird thing indeed.

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Connie said...

Hi Julia, You put it so well. I'm relating to every singe step of it. Thank goodness you are in California with the nice weather.
I decided to clean my mirrors yesterday, and from the back to the ear it told me it wasn't that smart a move.

Just hang on to your sense of humor.......