Thursday, July 31, 2008

My life as a toothpaste tube.

If the picture above symbolizes my energy level before the Fentanyl, Oxycontin, Morphine, & Methadone experiment....the one below is my energy level after.

From barely there to totally twisted, tweaked, and wrung out. (And a different brand and color, but who's counting?)

This week i have helped paint the house's front porch from top to bottom (new siding so new everything-gets-painted) and today i will help with either painting the trim on the house or cutting siding for the third outside wall of the house.

above: the new roof & dormer construction, with new siding, new windows, and new paint.

Therefore, i must assume i am beginning to come back from the dead! Maybe i will live past this Opiate Interruption after all. Woohoo.

Skimmer's recap: Ah come on, buck up!! This one was stinking short!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the diminishing energy level- Your house however looks great! Marilyn

julia said...

i'm pretty darned excited about the house for sure! and i'm sure the energy will reemerge eventually. ;-)

Unknown said...

Hey there my dear sis.....
So glad to see that you are posting again. If you have been by lately you already know that our computer crashed and we lost everything... Been busy putting things back where they belong. Long way to go though. I have been super busy with the grands too. Riley comes to visit and spend the night off and on during the week. This week they are vacationing in Tenn. Our dear heart Britt was diagnosed a week ago with type 1 diabetes and the whole family is trying to deal with that. She has been knocked off kilter with this and is being a bit on the rebelious side because of it... Who can blame her though. I think if I was 15 and woke up one day to learn that my whole life was going to be turned upside down, I can't say that I would take the news any better than she has. Not so different than it was a little over a year when her father left. Tersie is overwhelmed with all of this as well being the one that catches most of the rush of feelings that Britt is sharing right now as well as the outragious expence of diabetic meds and testing supplies. I will be posting again soon, just can't think quite straight enough to even try.

I am still so glad that you are doing better and getting those yucky drugs out of your system and dealing with things. Giant hugs atcha sis.

julia said...

JO! i'm so sorry about both the computer crash (and i hereby shall begin doing better backups myself) and poor dear Britt! i'm sad for her, especially so soon after the whole divorce fiasco--i will DEFinitely be praying for her, and knowing what Tersie is like and what you and JD are like, she'll get a handle on this and some excellent support. Send her my best, and i'm so glad you're being the lovely grandma for T bear. Please give my love to Tersie! i bet she's an awesome mom. ;-)

Hinsley Ford said...

Julia. I think you know by now I understand the energy thing. Oh Lord, do I. I take Oxy 80's and Oxycodone 30 mgs for breakthrough, plus a host of psych meds, high blood pressure, thyroid, etc..each morning and night as I take them, i feel so sad about the whole thing...and hope, once this very very stressful period in my life is over, I can get off of some of it. Stress makes all of my conditions worse, obviously.

Which do you think is zonking you the most and what are you doing to counteract the low energy?

Lots of love and understanding,


julia said...

Hinsley, i think the Fentanyl withdrawal squeezed the last of the energy out of me. ;-) i'm taking some adrenal support stuff to hopefully help, we'll see.

It's always good to have somebody have a clue about how complete the fatigue is, so thanks for your kind words. ;-)

erica said...

Your house looks amazing! I'm so impressed. I can't believe that you left us a comment on our blog months ago and it took me until today to respond. Actually, I can, because I'll look at your blog and then click on a link (today it was the link to that Corner Gas show) and then get distracted and not come back.

Anyway, we are doing great! Paul is really enjoying his teaching position and I'm starting to do childcare in my home which I am really excited about. I hope you guys are doing well! We hope to see Cori and Luis soon - we miss them! Paul says "hi" to you and Dean as well.

julia said...

Erica, i'm just happy to hear from you! Yep, the house is starting to come together--on the outside, anyway. The inside of the whole living room and stairway is just crazy empty to the studs!

Cool that you'll be doing childcare! you'll be a fun one--

Take care, and hi back to Paul from both of us!