Friday, June 06, 2008


The lovely Brits below are Ellie, age 7 months; Euan, age 3 1/2; Elias, 5 years; and one more adorable Ellie for good measure. ;-)


Silliyak said...

Very cute!

Hinsley Ford said...

OMG. They are soooooo adorable. Really beautiful kids. Grandbrits...haha. They must love you so much.


Unknown said...

Ohhh My ... I can't get over how much Miss Ellie has grown. I guess they do that though don't they.

All three of the grandbrits look so much alike.

I am behind again on my blog visits. Seems like all I get done is playing catch up. Hope you are doing ok. I think about my Sis often and miss your postings.

Big hugs..... How's the new puppy doing. I'm sure he has secured his place in the family by now.

julia said...

Hi all! Sorry to be so non-communicative lately--

I KNOW! i can hardly stand how big Ellie is now, and i haven't seen her to HOLD since she was born--i need to get stable from the Fentanyl Experiment Gone Bad.

The new puppy is now SIX POUNDS! That's twice what he was when we got him, and half what he is supposed to weigh eventually. Crazy, eh??