Sunday, May 25, 2008

The best stuff: puppy Blue and grandkids

top to bottom: Haley (age 10) Cassidy (8, and with cool new haircut) and Trevor (nearly 16!!!) all the first day they met Blue. ;-)


Unknown said...

It looks as if Blue bonded quite well with his new family. Great pictures Sis.

Connie said...

What a cutie! The girls are too. Love the haircut--it seems to be the rage these days. They sure love the dog.
how are you doing these days?
I worked so hard yesterday and throughout the night that i found myself flat most of today. I know better, but it's called "thick". I promise myself that I will use my head, but............. and so it goes. Take care now.

julia said...

i'm just sorta hangin' in--working on getting off the fentanyl all the way, not feeling super great or super clear. a bit anxious still, a bit low still. but hangin!