Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The King of Calories

i don't know why i do this stuff to myself--i downloaded a trial of a program on that allows you to track your day's worth of calories/fat/fiber/protein etc. Do you know how many calories are in ONE serving of Panda Express Orange Chicken??? Holy crap, it's like 480!! And the fat? Well, that takes the throne as the King of Rotundity at a rousing 21 grams. Glad i had the Virtuous Mixed Vegies (70 calories and a more modest 3 grams of fat) instead of fried rice or chow mein. There's already a glaring red line surrounding my day's calorie and fat intakes. i'm guessing that if i had the fried rice instead there would probably be a red line and a picture of an enormous behind.

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equichick8 said...

oh Julie,
did you *have* to go and find out how many calories were in that orange chicken? Couldn't it have remained a mystery? I could have blithley jumped on your eliptical machine and imagined I worked it all away...

But now I know I'll be working those calories away for a week and a half.
I guess the truth hurts, eh?