Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Poeming: Winter.

Poetry Prompt: For this week’s prompt, I was inspired by the recent HeatherBell interview: Take a true event (whether in your life or another’s) and fictionalize it. You can determine how far to take the fictionalization, but try to push the envelope a little and make people question how much is real and how is fake–and hopefully, have trouble leaving your poem even when they’re not reading it.
Because it seemed right that she should be sitting
on a shelf in Nebraska waiting for the Spring thaw
(ashes to ashes)
having been a hard woman from the beginning
having beaten me motionless with her words
(dust to dust)
I’ll admit to a smile stealing slowly across my face
because at the last, the frozen ground proved colder
(to ashes)
than her bitter words scrawled on the photo’s back,
my face X’ed out in red Sharpie, splitting my smiling lips
(to dust)
as a shard of her icy heart pierces mine.
(ashes, ashes, we all fall
jle 2012
Skimmer's recap: while "bitter" is a tempting place to go, it can take over your soul. Don't do it! "Grace" has better weather.

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