Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On depression and the magic of cupcake papers.

What is so magical about these little cupcake liners? Maybe it's that they look like little sunshines. Or that cupcakes usually mean some fun is around the corner. All I know is that as I've been fighting my way back uphill out of depression-land, seeing them made me smile.

I know I'm hard on myself--I don't "do" enough, whatever it is. You know: work out/eat salads/cut out chocolate/contribute to life... And I find that I can't seem to forgive myself for having Fibromyalgia and being "less than" because of that too.

BUT--tonight is a fun and special night. Granddaughter Cassidy turned 12 yesterday, and tonight her mommy, my eldest daughter, is bringing dinner over and we're having cupcakes for Cassidy's birthday. Candie's making her awesome 90 gazillion calories per serving macaroni and cheese, and I'm making a salad--and the all-important cupcakes.

If you're not familiar with depression, it has the talent of robbing a person of their interest in life, their desire to do the things they'd usually enjoy, so couple that with the lack of energy and the body pain of Fibro and life can become a struggle. So it surprised me when I found myself smiling over such a simple little thing as cupcake papers with their crinkly little sides. It was a lovely little gift.

It's good for all of us to look for the happy little positive things of life, they called it "intentional happiness" in my pain management class. All I know is I had to put a picture of them on my blog and see if they make you smile too.


Julia said...

I like this. Ironically it brightened my day! (you know with the part about depression & all!)

I also noticed in the margin that you "marginalized" your skills and talents. My profound word of encouragement is: DON'T DO THAT!!!!

You have more talents than I have hairs on my head, lol!

Love you,

Nancy ~Lessons Learned on the Farm said...

OK, I haven't been to a pain management class or heard about Intentional Happiness, but I can SO relate.

Lately I've been hanging out at Pinterest, and it's been a little beam of sunshine for me. Just seeing all the pretty things and comforting quotes is good for me.

And on Sunday night, I was telling a friend about how Toby Keith's song, "Red Solo Cup" just makes me smile. I know it's goofy. I know there are some rough words in it, but it just makes me smile. And I'm not a snob about what things make me smile. I'll take them however they come!

And hey, I think you need to read my post about Grace. I'm just sayin'.

julia said...

hi ladies! Thanks for your kind words. :-)

My husband likes that Toby Keith song too, but i haven't heard it. i'll have to give it a listen!