Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sharing is our friend.

i'm trying to catch up on some blog reading today. It's an enjoyable pastime, though i'm not getting much done that truly NEEDS to be done this way! But i wanted to share a couple of things from other blogs that i thought you might enjoy.

First: Gorgeous fall photos by Betina at B-Happy, a blogging mom and photographer who has dealt with infertility and adoption and then surprise fertility. She has a knack for capturing a moment whether it's fall's leaves or the antics of her kids. And she has a way of expressing things that makes me smile.

Second: A borrowed idea from SouleMama about savoring a moment from the week over at Sperlygirl. The quote from SouleMama that explains this idea:
{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

i love the idea of finding a way to mark time by the good things. i wonder what way i could do that? They've used photography to capture a moment to remember from their week, but my photography runs more to quickly snapped shots of my dogs being cute--on my iPhone. i tend to be a journaling sort, or a crafty sort. Perhaps a crafty journal?

i need to find a way to be more hopeful. i need to capture good moments to review, rather than only remembering if it was a good week or a bad week in fibro-world, or how i fell short of the things i thought i should have gotten done.

Seriously, follow the links and go see the photos. i think it's stealing if i put them directly in my blog, and i don't want the blog-police to come and take me away to blog-prison, though if it's a prison made of words i might like that.

How would you mark the moment? Thoughts? Ideas??

Skimmer's Recap: Just follow the links and look at the pictures. That's the good stuff anyway!


Nancy ~Lessons Learned on the Farm said...

Hey if cute iPhone pics of your animals make you happy, then I say that counts as savoring your own moment!

And I think you're right about needing a way to remind yourself that your week is made up of more than just good or bad fibro days. It's easy to be consumed when things are rough.

julia said...

"it's easy to be consumed when things are rough" is a good and true statement! Well said. I can too easily get inward looking. A reminder to look out, and up at my Creator and be reminded of all the good would be worthwhile--and you no doubt are right about the iPhone pics, they just aren't as grandly post-able! Haha!