Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Crafty Goodness.

Clutch Purse on

"Crafty Goodness" is the name of a folder on my computer desktop. In it resides directions for knitwear patterns, how to dye your own yarn, ideas for multi-media art pieces, weaving, stuff like that. Like I mentioned before, I'm kind of a "Jack of all crafts and Master of none." Crafting is just....GOOD.  And even if I never do all the projects living within that folder, they exist there in that magical land to welcome me when I open their door. An escape for my imagination to a land with unlimited artsy supplies and space to do them, where I can dream and plan... Exploring the different ways to create makes me happy.

Where do you escape?


Anonymous said...

Well you know me, we're kindred spirits and I also need to be creative to be happy. Years ago when I was really sick with CFS, I was really limited in what I could do. No painting, crafts, sewing etc, and limited writing because of severe brain fog, but I did write a little poetry, it wasn't much or all that great but it kept me going...a little lifeline of creativity for my artsy soul:)

julia said...

i feel ya!!