Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More on "More"

Picking up from my last blog post about reading magazines, I had read one article in my copy of More that didn't entirely cause guilt. It was about a woman who had feared cooking, and had never really even tried cooking. But she decided to learn, and even with fear and trembling became a good cook. I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that, much like the models in the magazine ads, I will never be that person.

Yet hope springs eternal for me in the cooking department. I am always certain I will be able to cook like my grandmother did, never measuring but turning out perfect baked goods and casseroles. More certain for me is the failure waiting at the end of the baking. Again I decided to take a stab at it. Seeing a recipe online that intrigued me, Cornmeal crepes with sausage and egg filling, I decided to try it on for size.

I measured carefully--well, kind of carefully, one of my biggest problems--and made the crepe batter to chill ahead. Since my dear hubby is suffering through a year of the midnight shift and sleeping till around 3 pm, I'm trying to think of meals that appeal to the fresh-out-of-bed person as well as the ready-for-dinner person. And the tiny picture online of the finished recipe looked good. And who doesn't like a good crepe, even perchance a cornmeal one?

After all, aren't crepes just little disks of deliciousness?

Mine? Disk? Maybe amoeba, or paisley run amuck.

Some simply defied description at all...though the second one reminds me of a brain.

They were also every imaginable shade. Kinda like trying to pick a yellow for painting the walls.

The online photo of the recipe was taken from more of a distance. I, however, can't back up far enough for the distance mine require to look good.

But my guys assured me they were very tasty when filled with sausage and eggs and cheese, so I guess I can count it as a Taste Success. Presentation? Fail.

Skimmer's Recap: Possibly my hidden culinary talents are simply buried too deeply to mine.

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